The Origins of Art

These days, in Art, The Toubkals have time travelled to Prehistory. We have been in a Virtual Tour in Lascaux cave (France) and we have discovered Cave Art and its features.

Then we organized ourselves in groups and discussed what material we could bring to school in order to create natural pigment. In the following session we started painting our prehistoric pieces of art. We made pigment out of eggs, leaves, flowers, coffee, cocoa, charcoal, water, sugar, etc. We also took some sticks and leaves from the forest to paint, instead of using brushes. We turned off the lights and pretended to be in a cave.

This was our first contact with cave art. We’ll keep working on it!

Also, you can enjoy a virtual tour in Lascaux:

Lascaux (France) VIRTUAL TOUR

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  1. Hello I am Bruna, I like that we do this unit about pigments because I like caves and prehistory!

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