The Unicorns want to show you our beautiful school  (Mar)

Multi-use room

In our multi-use room we’ve got mats , instruments and two folding  tables. We can play music , dance and sing. (Clàudia, Mariona and Joana).

Dining room 

In the dining room we’ve got chairs, tables, a sink, a microwave, a freezer,a dishwasher and a fridge.

We  can have lunch in the  school. (Nil, Arnau, Albert and Gabriel)


In our playground we’ve got a ping pong table,a table, scooters, houses and a garden.

We can play and have breakfast. (Mila, Elsa and Eloi)


In our classroom we’ve got  a blackboard, computers, a film projector and a screen.

We can sit in groups. (Abril, Arlet and Naya)


In the forest we’ve got trees, trunks, leaves  and cabins.

In the break  time  we can play in the forest. (Abril, Arlet and Naya)


In the library we’ve got books, stools, cushions.

We can read and work in the library. (Helena, Marta and Álvaro)




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