The pop competition

In the 6th course English class the students are working on musical instruments and styles. They have prepared a play called “The pop competition”.
They are very good actors! What do you think?

Pop competition from Escola Francesc Macià on Vimeo.

Pop competition (Aire, Roger, Isaac, Valeria & Sergio) from Escola Francesc Macià on Vimeo.

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6 comentaris a l'entrada: The pop competition

  1. Ylenia González Luque diu:

    It’s very cool.
    It’s very funny.

    Ylenia González

    Hugs (Abraçades)

  2. ariadna diu:

    I like the video

  3. Anna M diu:

    I liked this video, and I learn a lot.



  4. Joel Díaz Bejarano diu:

    I liked this video

  5. alejandro diu:

    this video is fun and very cool!

    Alejandro Salguero

  6. Isaac diu:

    I like this video

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