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Global Culture 14 – Amazing animals

There are a lot of amazing and strange animals around the world. Some of them live in English speaking countries such as Australia, The USA, New Zealand… Here you can see some of them: The armadillo lives in The USA … Continua llegint

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Global Culture 13 – Children’s Books

We are very happy to introduce you a new free resource that will allow the children in our school improve their English as well as they enjoy with the fantastic stories of: OXFORD OWL – A fantastic webpage of the Oxford … Continua llegint

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Global culture 12 – Carnival

Carnival is a festivity celebrated all around the world. Some people wear individual costumes and have parties with their friends. Others wear group costumes and are all of them in the same disguise. Parades are also a very important part of … Continua llegint

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Comparing animals


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Global culture 11 – Comparatives and superlatives

The use of comparatives and superlatives in English is very important to compare and say the qualities or characteristics of things. Some famous singers use them in their songs. Do you know these ones? To practice the use of comparatives … Continua llegint

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