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Global culture 3 – Halloween!

Halloween is a very celebrated festivity in English speaking countries, but it is also getting a lot of importance in a lot of other countries. In Catalunya we celebrate “La Castanyada” at the same dates, a nice festivity where we … Continua llegint

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Global culture 2: Telephone boxes

Here is our global culture second post: the telephone boxes in the UK The first one was introduced in London in 1920 and it was called K1 (kiosk 1) but the most important model is K6, which appeared in 1936 … Continua llegint

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Global culture: 1- Union Jack’s origin

Hello instruments of the school! We are happy to start the English project called “Global Culture“. Every Thursday we will post a question related to cultural aspects of English speaking countries in the world (Not only England!). We will talk … Continua llegint

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